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Specialised Contact Lens Fitting

Our practice stems from an ophthalmologist rooms, a journey that embarked way back in 2008. Sameera works closely with the specialist ophthalmologist and has taken a special interest in fitting specialized contact lenses. Post operatively, many patients require a customized contact lens to suit their irregular corneas. Hours of time and dedication is invested  to excel in this field. With the loop hole in our field with a shortage of practicing ‘hard contact lens Optometrist’s”, we decided to up our game and strive to bring the best to our patients. International online workshops  as well as seminars and contact lens meeting throughout the country is attended to perfect art of fitting contact lenses. We work closely with contact lens manufacturing companies to fit a lens that  is closest to the patients corneal shape. No matter how irregular it can be due to injury, surgery or advanced keratoconus, we are equipped with most of the trial sets to get almost any corneal shape fitted. 

Those  that have done cross linking, the hybrid contact lens with its dual function of comfort and good vision, has been successful to many. The optometrists ultimate aim is to get the individual to maximum functionality. 

For Post corneal graft surgery ,a PCG gas permeable lens is required. A contact Lens that will fit over the surgical  stitches  in order for the lens to sit safe and comfortable on your eye. The post surgical lens has proven to get the patient to functional vision and most of our patient begin driving in no time after fitting.

Other corneal irregularities is also fitted, complications from laser corrective surgery and from the old corrective surgery (radial keratotomy) . We fit any irregular cornea. 

Injured corneas become clouded (white) after many years of non treatment or end stages of keratoconus or due to a corneal disease. We are able to match the normal eye colour (the other eye) and have a painted contact lens over the injured eye to improve cosmetic appearance. This colour lens has successfully boosted the confidence levels of many. 

A note to the patient to remember that each fitting is Individualized and fitting can take upto 5 consults prior to achieving  correct lens. The amount of consults vary according to the irregularity of the cornea. Dispensing of the the customized contact lens may take a few visits too. The end result is fruitful yet the fitting process is complicated due to its customized nature.

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